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Cornwall County Council

Tourism Signs

Wednesday 6th November 2002

Today the committee responsible, despite much opposition by English councillors, adopted the flag of St Piren to replace the old white English Rose signs. For several months a small army of activists had been painting out the Rose symbol as an affront to the dignity of this nation, the hidden implication of the Rose sign being that Kernow was a part of England. One sticking point however is that the Department of Transport in London has to approve the sign. Clearly the English nationalists on the Cornwall County Council are expecting that this foreign department will turn down the choice. It makes little odds because the democratic choice of the people has been made, and I for one am sure that even if London turns down the new tourist symbol represented by our flag (and I ask why London need to interfere in an internal Cornish decision?) The same activists who resisted the symbol of England, will ensure that the wishes of our legal Council, and the people of Cornwall are carried out!



After independent academic study the English government

Has decided to recognise Cornish as a protected and promoted language.

This by no means is any form of panacea. The same pressures against Kernewek will be applied here, as have and are being applied against Cymreig yn Gymru.

We may sing our hearts out with:

"Verow Trelawney Bras, Verow Trelawney Bras. Ottoma ugans mil Gernow, a vwrodhlidh ollen cas". However no-one but we, will deign to ask on behalf of 20,000 Cornishmen, "The reason why."

Local councils have had the authority for years to erect dual language road signs and, as normal, they bring up the cost of dual language directional road signs, and yet, in order to cater for the English tourists dozens of new directional signs have been erected in my little corner or our country alone!

The only area with the guts to erect dual language signs has been Heyl (Hayle) - see photo above, and even here, Kernewek has been placed inferior to English.

There is a long battle ahead before we get to the same position held by the Cymreig. I would venture to suggest that long before then Kernow will have its own republican government, and this issue will no longer be a problem.

English State Fascism

What is becoming increasingly apparent on the political stage, is that England is entering into the same type of skullduggery that preceded the establishment of Nazi Germany during the early nineteen thirties. I have never, in my 60years+, seen anything so close to fascism as the current antics and underhanded tactics this government is employing to restrict the freedoms of it's citizens. I began to wonder if it was my own paranoia, maybe I was sinking into the depths of conspiracy theory in my dotage. But even the English, it seems, are getting worried over the antics of England/USA. I am no communist, but it seems to me that the Soviet Union at least acted as a balance to what is now emerging as a nation of bully boys. At present they dress it all up under the guise of anti-terrorisn. Just like the Nazi's took measures to control their Jewish 'problem'. All this rocket shaking rhetoric is, of course in your name for your own good!

If the Celtic nations do not soon stand united against this emerging fascism, then the future would will be right to accuse us of complacency, and we do not deserve the name Kelt.

From the country of Kernow and on behalf of our Republican movement we wish all our cousins Yn Cymru,

Rydsys Keltek.

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